Best Free Standing Hammock

There are different types of hammocks that range from camping hammocks, porch swings, and hanging chairs. Therefore, if you are looking for the best free-standing hammock that you can use in your cottage, patio or backyard, there are many things that you should take into consideration. This buying guide can give you insight into the things that you need to consider.

Size of the Hammock

You know exactly the space that you need to put your hammock. If your patio is large or small, this will help you to determine the right size of hammock that you can get. Different types of hammocks come in different frames and sizes which should help you to pick the right thing.

If you want to use the hammock for camping purposes, then you should also consider the aspect of portability. You must read the product specifications so that you make informed decisions about the hammock that you will buy. If the hammock is too big, then it might give you challenges when you are going camping.

What Materials is the Hammock Made of

best free standing double hammock

Hammocks come in a variety of materials. For instance, cotton gives you a soft and comfortable feel but it is not that durable compared to other types of fabrics. Polyester, on the other hand, is durable and it also offers other features like dew and mold resistance, unlike cotton.

The other material that you can consider is sunbrella which is a man-made fabric composition that is weather resistant. Sunbrella resists dew, stains, atmospheric chemicals and it is very durable. The material is very expensive but it is probably best if you want to buy a product that will last you longer.

You must also consider the material of the frame of the hammock. Other hammocks are lightweight and they are easy to carry as well as to assemble or disassemble. On the other hand, other hammocks consist of heavier frames and these will require bolts when assembling them. hammocks that are heavy are also ideal for home use where there is no movement involved.

Hammock frames usually come in the form of wood and metal. If you choose wood, make sure that it is treated to avoid termites. You should also not leave the hammock outside during rainy season since this can lead to wood decay. Hammock frames consisting of metal are portable but you should make sure that the stand is corrosion resistant.

Is the Hammock Versatile?

The other important aspect to consider pertains to the versatility of the hammock. You cannot only use your hammock as your bed but can be used for relaxing or even a temporary home. Therefore, you should check if the hammock is made of the right material that can withstand different types of weather elements.

You must also make sure that the hammock is suitable for different environments as well as purposes. Other types of hammocks are only suitable for sheltered environments and you cannot get these if you are planning to use them for outdoor camping.

On top of versatility, the other important factor to consider pertains to the aspect of comfortability.  If your hammock is not comfortable, then it might serve little purpose since it may not allow you to relax in style. The element of comfort should never be compromised since that is what you specifically want it for.

If the hammock is not comfortable, then you can be better off with other alternatives like chairs which are easy to carry. You must pay attention to the quality of material before making a decision to buy the hammock so that you can get the much-needed comfort. Durability and comfort should go hand in hand.

Accessories of the Hammock

best rated free standing hammock

You must always check if the hammock comes with special accessories that may be vital to use during your camping expedition. However, it is also crucial to choose hammocks that come with accessories that would not inconvenient you during your trip. If the hammock requires setting up, then you should make sure that the process is not complicated otherwise it may spoil your trip.


The other important aspect that you should consider pertains to price. There are certain hammocks that are expensive due to the fact that they are durable and they also offer better features. However, if you want a hammock for personal use, there may not be any need to go for very expensive things.

If you also want something that can last a long period, then you would rather go for durable products instead of buying the same thing over and again. You must try to balance the quality of the hammock and its price and this depends on your budget. Customer reviews can also help you to get a quality product.

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