How to Get the Best Digital Night Vision Scope?

How to get the best digital night vision scope? Original night vision scope might be familiar to you. But choosing a digital night vision device is a different story.

Don’t worry. We have some simple and useful tricks for you to get the greatest one.

How to Pick the Best Digital Night Vision Scope?

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1. Size of the Scope

If you look for a night vision scope for tactical purposes like professional army practice and paintball shooting, you should keep your eyes on lightweight and hand-free devices. 

You could choose a big and stable night vision scope if you are not going to move around with it. We also recommend you choose a suitable scope rail for your scope size.

2. Lens Magnification and Lens Material

Lens quality is one of the most important factors of a digital night vision scope that you should consider. It will decide the quality of the images which you see through your night vision scope.

First of all, lens material plays a key role in the clarity of the lens. Low-quality and cheap material could increase the amount of distortion of your lens.

On the other hand, lens magnification is also a critical parameter for a high-quality lens. The higher the lens magnification, the longer the range of the lens.

For example, lens magnification 3x means that you could see items in 200 meters from your position. So, you could detect a target from 600 meters when you see through an 8x lens magnification night vision device.

3. Detection Range

Another factor that makes a big difference between digital night vision devices is the detection range. It is the furthest distance to detect an item. However, the detection range varies depending on the size of the items.

If you plan on observing from a very far distance, you should prepare a high detection range scope.

Moreover, it could help check on the recognition range if you are buying a night scope for hunting. Recognition range presents for the distance that you can identify a running prey.

4. Batteries

Most digital night vision scopes are very compact, suitable for carrying assembly, so their power is usually from batteries. 

You should notice the type of batteries of your device. It will be inconvenient if your scope batteries are rare or unavailable in your area.

Moreover, night vision scope with expensive batteries will cost you more in case of battery replacement.

5. Photo Quality

Compared to the normal night vision scope, the digital version can transmit high-quality photos and videos. This advantage is thanks to the CMOS sensor, which is similar to a digital camera sensor.

The sensor converts the light that goes through the scope lens into a digital signal. It enhances and magnifies the image before displaying it on the LCD screen.

Therefore, you should go for a high CMOS sensor digital night vision device if you want high-resolution photos. Don’t be surprised that some scopes nowadays can display full 1080p HD!

6. Video Recording

Video recording features also distinguish digital night vision scope from original vision scope. We all know that night vision device are used for observing far targets in dark environments.

Now, digital night vision devices are more than that. You could view what was going on through your scope without standing in front of it all the time. 

Digital night vision devices can connect to other devices and store images and videos to SD cards or USB. Besides, some digital devices include wifi capability for instant sharing and live-streaming videos.

7. Price of the Scope

There are many types of night vision scope in different price ranges for you to choose from.

If you are a newbie and you want something for recreational purposes only, a budget of $200 is good for a digital night vision scope.

But in case you are a professional, you should invest in a more expensive device with full equipment. The price could go up to $1000-$2000, but it will be worth your money.

5 Best Digital Night Vision Scopes

In Short

How to get the best digital night vision? We have shown you the answer to this question.

It would be best if you considered some essential factors to pick a good digital night device.

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