What Is The Best Car Seat For 1 Year Old? All You Need To Know

When traveling by family car, a car seat for your baby is a very necessary item. It not only helps to protect the baby, but it also creates a comfortable feeling for them when sitting in the car.

So do you know what good car seat products for your baby are?

If not, let’s find out about the top 5 best car seats for 1 year old today through the following sharing!

Why Do You Need The Best Car Seat For 1 Year Old Baby?

There is the fact that most car seats are designed to be suitable for adults or older children from high school and up. That is why young children, especially infants and kids under three years old, always need their mothers to hold them.

However, there are scientific experiments proving that in a sudden brake or with the impact of a car at the speed of only 48km/h, letting your baby sit on their mother’s lap will cause the baby to be pushed forward and subjected to a force impact of 30-60 times stronger than body weight. As such, the risk of death will be 10 times higher if your child sits alone.

Therefore, car seats for children are a solution recommended by many professionals for families with young kids.

Things To Notice For Choosing The Best Car Seat For 1 Year Old

best car seat for one year old and up

Choose A Car Seat That Is Suitable For The Child’s Weight

When picking a car seat for kids, what you need to care most about is the child’s weight, not the age. For each weight level, car seat manufacturers will tailor their products to suit the baby’s condition.

For 1 year old child, there are some options you can consider picking, based on your child’s weight. With the above options, you can select the right car seats for their baby’s weight, age, and budget accordingly.

Some Notes When Installing Car Seats For Babies

There are some notes for you when installing a baby car seat.

  • First, you need to read the manual carefully before installing a car seat for your baby. If you are not confident even when reading the manual, ask the salesperson for detailed instructions.
  • Before deciding to buy a car seat, make sure that it will fit your car.
  • Let’s fasten the seat as much as possible to the car to ensure the seat belt is not too loose or too tight.
  • The seat belt lock should be on the baby’s pelvis, not on the abdomen.
  • You should make sure not to put unsafe objects in your car as they can endanger the baby every time a collision occurs.

The above are some noteworthy factors when you install a car seat for your baby.

Safety Factors When Using

Material is, indeed, one of the most important factors to ensure maximum safety for children so that you can refer to chairs equipped with Eggshock or Eggshock α-. These special materials will absorb and reduce vibrations’ effect on your baby’s head during the journey.

Another plus point of a high-quality car seat is that it uses 3-dimensional fabric combined with aerated foam to reduce the contact temperature between the baby’s body and the seat cushion.

You can choose a car seat with a 5-in-1 seat belt design that ensures baby safety and convenience for opening and closing with just one button.

Remember to use a car seat during all your baby’s journeys, including short trips.

Types Of Car Seat For 1 Year Old

best affordable car seat for 1 year old

When your little kids outgrows the weight and height requirements of a rear-facing seat, it’d better use a forward-facing seat equipped with a harness. Here are some types of seat for those toddlers:

Forward-facing Only Car Seat

There are many options for forward-facing only that accommodate children of about 29 kg at the highest. You should also determine if this version fits your car or not since it is not really popular for all types of seat.

Combination Car Seat

This choice features a harness for the child up to 18 to 29 kg. Then, when your kids grow to 36 to 45 kg, you can remove the harness and change the seat into a belt-positioning booster.

Quick Picks: Top 5 Best Car Seat For 1 Year Old

best car seat for a 1 1/2 year old

With all the safety instructions above, you might now have an overview of what type of seat you want to have for your kids. Here are some recommended brand for you:

  1. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat 
  2. Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat
  3. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat
  4. Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat 
  5. Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

Sum Up

For all the information on the best car seat for 1 year old, you must have had the decision of which one to buy, right? Your kids’ safety always comes first no matter what. And a good car seat is extremely vital to protect and keep your child happy.

Let’s buy a car seat for your kids now and have a wonderful family journey together.

We hope you have the best time ever!

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