Useful Guide On How To Wind Weed Eater String

After some raining days, the lawn in front of your lovely house has grown so fast, and you need to cut it to make your surrounding environment look spick and span? If then, what you need is a weed eater and some knowledge on how to wind weed eater string! Although most users often give it little attention, a good weed eater is the key to a perfect lawn! 

But if you are a newcomer to this machine, you are likely to find it challenging and frustrating to work with it, especially in the winding process. Since winding a weed eater string is just a small step in the weed eater assembly step, it is often ignored and done carelessly. 

However, bear in mind that small as it is, weed eater string is the essence of a good weed eater! So how to wind weed eater string? Keep following this article to find out the answer!

Basic Information About A Weed Eater

how to wind weed eater string 2020

A weed eater

Before gaining a more in-depth insight into our guide on how to wind weed eater string, let’s break down the details of what a weed eater is first.

A weed eater is known as a garden tool, which is often used to cut grass and groundcover. It is considered a revolution in the farming industry, as weed eaters have surpassed any other cutting tool.

What sets a weed eater apart from other machines lies in its components. Compared to the past device, a weed eater is designed with a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade. It is composed of a string protruding from a rotating spindle and a long handle shaft.

There are various types of weed eater, and depending on your scale of work, you are free to choose from this wide range. Weed eaters come in electric and gas-powered models, and electric ones include corded, cordless, and battery-powered weed eaters. 

If you are a regular gardener and clean your garden or the front yard once or twice a week, then it is recommended to have a medium-sized weed eater, which is small, lightweight, and handy. This type of weed eaters will support you greatly in your work and doesn’t require much effort or energy.

If you are confronted with a big project, we advise you to purchase large trimmers to cut roadside grass easily. They are often referred to as brush cutters, which require two-hand operation and allow users to cut dense woody brush thanks to their metal blade.

In our article today, we will give you a brief guide on how to wind weed eater strings before you start operating your new corded weed eater.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Wind Weed Eater String

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Now let’s continue with your favorite part! Stringing a weed eater will be easy as pie if you give it a little care and some research, try to stick to the instructions. There are two main types of corded weed eaters: ones consisting of a single cord and ones having double cords. And we will instruct you to wind single corded weed eaters.

Instructions to wind eater strings:

Locate the manual

What you need to do is to keep the manual company. Why? Because the manual will be of great use, especially when you have to break down the components of the weed eater. The manual should provide you with both visual and theoretical instructions.

It is sure to give you a helping hand because no matter how professional you are, you still need something to refer to. Follow it, and you are more likely to finish your work efficiently.

Prepare the strings

Based on the scale of your weed eater, you should precisely decide the length and width of the line instead of just making a rough guess at the hardware stores so that nothing will be wasted. 

If you are unsure how long the line should be, let’s check the manufacturer’s online website of your weed eater, or get advice from the customer service department. Both sources of information will provide you with all your needed information, including the length of the line.

Anyway, you still need to purchase more than required, so that you have choices when making unwanted mistakes.

Dismantle the weed eater parts

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Dismantling is such a crucial step that you need to pay great attention and be careful if you don’t want to ruin your machine. Break down each component slowly enough to make sure that everything goes into places. 

If your weed eater has operated for some time, remember to disconnect the power and wait a few minutes until the machine cools down before taking apart weed eater parts to avoid unnecessary accidents. 

Complicated as this step is, all you need to do is to disassemble the string head by unscrewing the pump knob counterclockwise, then removing the inner reel and spring. In case you come in for any problem with this step, contact the customer service or comment below and we will try to help you solve your problems.

Insert the line

Now we will come to the primary process of winding weed eater strings!

Find the two holes on the top of the inner reel, then insert both ends of the line into these two holes, and pull them through until there is a piece of two to three-inch line left. 

Now bend your short ends into the other hole and pull the long ends until the loop is enclosed. Make sure that every step is done tightly and correctly.

The next step is to whine the line around the reel. We have to remind you again: don’t forget to do it evenly and tightly by using some pressure. If not, we don’t think your weed eater can’t operate effectively and serve you for such a long period. 

After winding the string until you have about six inches left, carefully push each string end into the holding slots, which are marked point 095 inches.

Reassembling step

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This is the most crucial and complicated process that you need to take more effort and attention. 

Firstly, place the spring back on the shaft and find the eyelets on the spool head. After that, feed the strings through when setting the reel back on the shaft. Make sure that those holding slots are well aligned with the eyelets.

Next, compress the spring by holding the reel down and place the bump knob back to where it should be. After finishing it, the strings should be released from the two holes. 

And now your weed eater is ready to use!


After reading this article to the end, you are sure to gain all necessary information on how to wind weed eater string. As you can see, working with a weed eater on your own may be a challenging task, but a little research will make this work much more manageable!

An adequately assembled weed eater string is the essence of a good machine, so try your best to do it correctly and carefully. Consult our article to get useful pieces of advice! Moreover, we are looking forward to giving you a helping hand so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or advice to solve any problem with your weed eater. We are willing to help you! And now, after knowing exactly how to wind weed eater string, it is about time you jump right on the job and get a clean lawn!

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