Suz Bednarz Illuminates Need for Support

At a young age, Suz Bednarz gave birth to a little girl. Like many young moms, Suz was faced with very hard and very emotional decisions. Due to lack of support from family and because she had no housing, food, or income, she was forced to surrender her daughter just a few days after birth. Due to the poverty many of us still see today, she was unfairly persuaded into putting her daughter up for adoption.

“I surrendered my daughter with an enormous amount of pain and regret that has affected every area of my life since… My darling friend K says you can only make a choice when you have more than one option. She is right. I did not make a choice. But I still struggle with the guilt.”

It’s a horrible feeling to see similar stories every day and know the lack of support is often the primary reason young parents face unecessary obstacles. Today, Suz shares her story on her blog, “Writing My Wrongs”. I spent a few hours reading through her posts, crying, and wishing I could just give her a hug. Why are there so many young parents slipping through the cracks?!

Today, Suz is a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser. Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry brand that connects women through social shopping and the pieces perfect for best friends, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and daughters. Every month, Suz carefully selects an organization to receive a portion of her sales. This month, Suz has chosen the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy to receive a donation. I’m so thrilled! I’m thrilled mostly because she believes in the Alliance. As a young mom, I can promise her the Alliance is a leader when it comes to unconditionally supporting teen parents, empowering them to become their own advocates, and fighting for their rights.

I couldn’t imagine anything better than supporting Suz today as she supports the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. Click here to take a peek at her site and order an accessory or two before the end of the month. I will be asking everyone I know to make a purchase as I’ve found Suz to be such an inspiration with a lovely heart.

Dear Suz:

Thank you so much for sharing your story, for being so thoughtful, and for staying strong. You are amazing.



Aww. Way to make me cry! Touche. : ) One minor edit. I surrendered my daughter to adoption when she was three days old. Not months. I wish it had been months. I only got nine months and three days with her. Thank you for the kind words and support. I am only too happy to help. Being in northern CT, if I can help in person, please do let me know. It is a personal goal of mine to do all I can to stop what happened from happening to others.

As a birth mother myself, I have enjoyed purchasing from Suz when I can to help in this endeavor. I bought a lovely necklace last month again. Thanks for sharing about her awesome project!

Thank you, Suz! I will be sure to keep in contact with you. You're amazing. I made the edit. Sorry about that! :)

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