We Made It!

As I was submitting my first blog post, I was also thinking about what I would like to post next. The thought that came to my mind was “We made it”. 

As I remember those comments of “You are just a baby having a baby,” and “Are you married?” I wonder where those people are who asked me those questions the first year I had my daughter? I honestly don’t even remember what they looked liked.  They weren’t just asking me questions they were also judging me. Looking down upon me thinking the worst. That my daughter would not be raised right. That she would end up in foster care just like I had been. That I am going to live off the government my whole life and that I am going to keep on having more baby’s so I can continue to get welfare. That their tax dollars were going to yet another unwed single teen mother. What they didn’t know is at the age of 13 before I had my daughter I was already working and paying into the “system”. That I stayed in school to get my high school diploma, was working at the same time and graduated when my daughter was three and a half when I was 18. That we were in individual and family counseling and attended several different parenting groups as she got older because things were difficult. They were not just difficult because I was young, but also because my parents couldn’t be the support that I needed consistently when I was younger and in early adulthood. Because of this I did know how to parent. Like when and how should I set boundaries? What kinds of things should I be teaching her? It was also difficult because there were people who instead of encouraging me and providing solutions they would make comments as stated above and others like the ones in Natasha’s blog post.

Thankfully, I had more than just “the haters” in our lives because I know there is no way we would be where we are today.  

My daughter just turned 22 years old 2 weeks ago. In May she will be graduating from college with a BA in Global Studies and Business. She will be continuing on for her Masters in Finance.  So excited and proud of her! For my day job I work in the Commercial Loan department at the bank. Currently attending classes to get a Finance degree because my passion is Financial Literacy. Long term goal to become a Financial Planner and teach others about money management and investing in Socially Responsible funds.


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