Plans and Realities

Hopes&DreamsWe can have our whole lives planned the way we want to. We can imagine having all the things we ever dreamed of and doing all the things we ever dreamed of. But the reality is, life doesn’t care what you have planned. My plan was never to be a teen mother. My plan was to graduate from high school and immediately go off to college and fulfill my dream of becoming someone who works in the court system with troubled youth, getting married in my mid twenties and having three kids, with a man who would be as successful as me. Instead my life went something like this, I got pregnant at 17, graduated from high school, started going to a community college when my daughter was three months old and raising my daughter without her biological father. I never dreamed of having a sick child, of constantly taking her to doctors appointments and therapies and staying overnight in hospitals. But that’s what happened. This inspired me to change my career goals and I’d like to eventually work in a NICU. I will be graduating from my community college in May and then I will be starting an accelerated nursing program at a different college. I am not married and I am not financially successful like I always wanted to be. Sure I’m comfortable with the amount of money I make but I wanted so much more than what I have. Sometimes I feel like a horrible person for thinking that. I have the most amazing three year old daughter in the world and she is a miracle. How could I want anything more? Then I stop and realize everything I have gone through and everything that has been given to me has happened for a reason. I have learned so much from all my experiences. I don’t depend on anyone to make me happy especially a man, I don’t need any motivation in my life other than my daughter, I am financially stable, I possess this strength I never knew I had until I was forced to use it. Regardless of how my life turns out from here on, I know I have to be happy with what’s given to me. I know that without my life experiences I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today.


The journey we go through often creates new dreams and goals, and I have learned over the years that staying open to those new possibilities is key to staying positive through some trying times.

thanks guys! Yes my journey has definately brought me new dreams and goals. I am so happy with the way me life is now and I couldnt imagine it any other way!!

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