How This Teen Dad Feels

As a single teen father, my mind is on reality and stress all the time. Sometimes I want to give up and sometimes giving up pushes me towards where I want to be. I have known so many teen parents that drop in a hole and stay there, exactly where I have fallen into now. But I obviously change that because I know I’m strong enough to raise a child on my own so I’m strong enough for anything! I see myself as a super hero for my baby Jade, who was abandoned in a hospital by her biological mother. I put on my cape and stepped up to the plate to protect, care, and claim what’s mine. It makes me a super dad!

So that’s how I should be feeling all the time, also how everybody else should be feeling all the time. Yes, we do have our ups and downs and our times and situations of no hope (what I’m currently going through) but we just got to try harder and pick up our slack and kick it right out the door because there isn’t time for that anymore. Even though I am unemployed and looking for a new job as I study for my last math test, it seems to be hard. Jade wants all my attention and it stresses the heck out of me, still I have to push to keep looking for a new job and keep my studying on track daily.

I read books and they boost up my faith just by a little, but sometimes having friends willing to be there and help would boost me way more. Unfortunately, once you become a parent I’ve noticed everyone pushes you away. “You are on your own now Cristian” and that’s exactly how it is too. Not only do I have to look out for myself but I have to lookout for Jade too because it’s not one person against the world, it’s one person against the world for another person they are responsible for.

As deep in a hole of stress or depression you may fall in as a single parent, don’t ever give up or lose faith. On the bright side, think of all you could possibly do and all your child has possibly done for you. In my case Jade has brought me lights, camera, action (and tantrums)! Gotta love those. All young parents who may be suffering, just know I know how you feel. You are not alone.


Cristian, You are a strong man and setting an excellent example for Jade. I am a single mom, my son was born when I was 16. It's just he and I. I've been to that dark place you are at and I promise you that if you want it, you will come out of there and be able to accomplish your goals and dreams while still being there for Jade. It will take a lot of work and you will have days where you think you cannot go on but you will. You will go on to college and be successful, you'll do it for Jade. She is your driving force in life now! You are an amazing man and when Jade reaches an age where she can understand her situation she will love and appreciate you that much more for the sacrifices you are making for her. Smile and keep your head up. Look forward always, never look back. You can't change the past so don't dwell on it! I wish you all the best!

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