Respect Our Women, We Came From a Woman

In life, we come from a woman. They deal with our fathers, carry/care for us for nine long straight months, finally give birth, and do the impossible to raise us. My mother gave birth to her first child (my older brother Carlos) when she was 19 years old (my current age). I, on the other hand, decided to speed up the parenting journey by 3 years (at the age of 16).

It makes me wonder, my mom took care of my brothers and me, and even though she went through the abuse and neglect at times, that she never ever gave up on us. So where am I getting at here? Well, I’m leading to the point in where MOST MEN (or should I call them BOYS) don’t know how to treat or appreciate their women, when they themselves came from a woman. I am throwing shots so those men who do not appreciate the mothers of their children can open their eyes a little bit more.

Step into my shoes and look into my story. At the age of 16, I was going through some of the most difficult moments of my life when I found out I was going to be a father. Of course, at that time, I was a boy. I didn’t take this into good consideration and denied my daughter, Jade, for the first and last months of my child’s mother’s pregnancy. I then received a Facebook message from my daughter’s mother telling me to look for my child because she had abandoned her in a hospital. It was then that I grew a conscience. I quickly stepped up to the plate and faced my emotions and feelings.

This is just a short blog for men. I don’t have my child’s mother to be there for my child. I would do anything in the world to gladly have one, just like you lucky men have wonderful mothers for your children. I would love her, appreciate her, and I would do whatever it takes for her to be by my side raising a child with me and enjoying those beautiful moments with me.

My first and only child gave me a different experience in life that many men do not appreciate or take as a blessing. So I’m asking you men now, what if you were ALONE with NO partner to share your happiness, with no partner to HELP you, with no partner to tell you its okay when you’re overwhelmed, with no partner to watch your beautiful child grow, tell me… how would YOU feel?


Thank you for not only opening my eyes to your reality, but for speaking on behalf of single parents (mothers and fathers alike). You are a great father and the environment you are creating for your daughter is very admirable. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

I am elated by your post. I want to share this with all the men that I know. Keep striving to be the best father you can be. Your daughter will thank you for it, and the world needs more men like you. Yes, men like you-- because it isn't your age that makes you a man--it's what you DO that makes you a real man!

Christian I truly hope you realize how amazing you are! There are 'grown men' that have not half the mind that you do! I salute you!

Gloria Malone 

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