“You look too young to be a mom… How old are you?"

Don’t get me wrong, yes I appreciate the fact that I’m “young looking” and “cute”, but is it really anyone’s business my age? You see all I was trying to do was some mall shopping and this is the social stigma I face. It’s everywhere- peoples predisposed ideas of what a mom should look like and my son’s age should not have anything to do with the customer service I receive while I’m out shopping.

This isn’t the only location I get questioned; it happens on the playground, work, school, and even at church. When people say I look too young to be a mom or question my age so they can subtract that to my sons age, it’s beyond rude; you are stereotyping me. Yes, I’m a teen mom. I’m proud and happy with my accomplishments thus far, so don’t try and bring me down. The image of teen parents, more often then not are incorrect. So yes it does bother me that you are completely baffled by the idea that “I AM A TEEN MOM” because my accomplishments are fantastic.

Teen parents don’t need your incorrect views of teen parents, we need you to have faith that we will still graduate high school, go to college, and make great lives for our children and selves. We need you to educate yourself on the correct teen parent statistics. Any parent can agree that parenting is hard enough, therefore as teen parents, we ask you to stop stigmatizing us as it only makes things more difficult. 


I am not only proud of you for your accomplishments, your brains, your beauty, your stellar personality and the most amazing young man that you are raising..But I am proud of you for your courage and your voice. LOVE always to you... show them what you're made of XO!

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