I’m going through the roughest times of my life. I know having a job would help me better financially but I decided not to give up on getting my general equivalent diploma (G.E.D.). I currently have no job and it’s hard because many friends have offered to help by even offering me full-time jobs or part-time jobs but I’ve said no. If I let my greed beat me then I won’t ever get this last test done and won’t be able to start my college journey.


I really want a career out of life and I need this education. So now what? Yes, I’m somewhat financially broke and can only provide for Jade and not myself for the most part of this small recession. But I know this recession is currently happening because I am reaching my goals for education, and it will be over in no time.


Funny because as I sat in my bed thinking about what to do, I went straight to Pandora to get my kind of my stressful thoughts and the first song that came on was “Yesterday” by The Beatles. It made me think that we do always see our troubles far away. The lyrics start with “Yesterday… all my troubles seem so far away, now it looks as though like they are here to stay… oh I believe in yesterday.” and it just makes me realize so much.


This year I have hit a spotlight thanks to my ‘STEPS Boston’ team but I have to be quick and keep my eyes open because one rock on that stage of spotlight can knock me down real quick and mess everything up for me. But that’s what happened and I will remain strong. Education is first and I will tell myself each day, “Keep your mind on your mission, Cristian!”


Cristian, I see such an awesome future ahead of you. In these past 2 years, you've already accomplished so many wonderful things and made so many amazing changes. While being a young, single father may feel so hard at times, know that you are inspiring so many people. Looking forward to staying connect through STEPS and The Pushback. Stay well and keep posting!

Christian you are an AMAZING young man and I REALLY commend you for not being like many and 'cashing money', I too have this problem at times but don't you love how life gives you those moments of encouragement and support when you least expect it?! When I told you I was here anytime to talk I really meant it! You are an awesome father and have nothing but greatness ahead for you!

Gloria Malone 

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