Who Says Young Parents Don’t Get Involved?

Back to SchoolMy daughter starts kindergarten in a week, and I’m already feeling those stomach butterflies when you’re on the verge of something huge.

I’m especially proud/excited because she’s still four and won’t be five until the end of November. She tested well in March, and they said she could go. Score one for the mama who’s serious about education!

I admit I have two concerns. My first is that I’m a little worried about her getting lost in the shuffle because she’s younger than the other kids. Some of them are five, turning six, and I can only imagine the difference in maturity between a four-year-old and a six-year-old.

But my major concern is how I am perceived. I may be 25, but I look 16. And that’s on a good day, if I get my makeup just right. I want them to take me seriously and know that I will not slack off when it comes to being my daughter’s biggest advocate.

See, education is of utmost importance to me. Being able to think critically, to analyze, to process information and make your own way in the world—that is crucial. And it is my hope that everyone at my daughter’s school knows this as well.

I think we’re going to be off to a good start, though. Her teacher visited each student at home last week, so they see a familiar face on the first day of school. I used this home visit to set the tone for my daughter’s academic career. I had a ton of questions: Why do you teach? What’s your motivation? What are your expectations of me as a parent? How will you communicate with parents? Weekly newsletters? Email? If there are concerns with learning, when will you inform me?

She answered all my questions and then some, and I walked away feeling like we were definitely on the same team and that my daughter would be in good hands for the year.

Whatever they’re doing in the class, we’re going to supplementing at home. If there are any problems, I want to know immediately. As much as possible, I’d like to volunteer at the school, to make my presence known so when they see me they say, “Oh, that’s Ayanna’s mom,” not “Who are you here to see?” 

My baby’s going to school…I can’t believe it.

Were you nervous when your kid entered kindergarten? What did you do to make sure they started off on the right foot? 

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