What was your best/worst experience with someone who was supposed to be your support person?

Lisette Responds:

As a young mother I’ve been faced with many adversities through the years, as I’m sure many young mothers have. However, I have found myself with facing more discrimination as a young mother of a child with a disability. About a year and a half ago I found myself at a social services office desperate for assistance for my son. I was confused, scared, and felt lost. The response of a worker: It’s not the government’s job to support your son. No, I’m aware it’s not, but I am also aware of the services my child is entitled to. I was crushed and could’ve allowed that answer to stop me. However, I wrote to my local congressman, filed a formal complaint and now my son has a caseworker to help us seek resources. There will always be people who will shut you down and be condescending; our job is to never forget we are our most effective advocates.

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