On Volunteer Appreciation, from an Appreciative Volunteer

What would we do without volunteers? Working in the non-profit world I have grown to appreciate and value the hard work people who volunteer actually do. They dedicate time to a vision, because they believe. They are committed and contribute the most valuable resource – themselves.

Having been through different programs that were often run by volunteers, I can look back now and say that the fact that I saw others contributing and giving back made an impact in my life. It made me realize that it is not always about the money and how much you donate; it’s also about that support that organizations, programs, and clients need from an actual human. I learned that I could be a volunteer too and make a difference.

For the past five years I have volunteered for many organizations and many causes. I have grown to appreciate and enjoy each experience. The best part of it is that I am passing it down to my children and they also value the work and contributions their time and energy does for a cause. Seeing my daughter read to the elderly at a nursing home or being an ambassador to new children at school fills my heart with joy. If it weren’t because there are kind people out there who believe and have some faith, then I wouldn’t have ever learned the true meaning of volunteering, and my children wouldn’t have either. Just like everything else, when you help a teen parent, you’re helping that child as well, and I am so thankful.

This Volunteer Appreciation Week I’d like to say thank you to all those people who believe in teen parents, who donate their time to be mentors and to contribute to organizations. To those people who help us raise our kids and encourage us, YOU are very important.


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