A Touching Letter to Santa

We love the Holidays at my house. Growing up I didn’t have any traditions, so I made it a point to establish something fun for the kids and I to do every year. Our thing: writing letters to Santa and drawing pictures. It’s a magical moment. My son can’t read yet so I help him write his letter. My daughter is a pro now, and she no longer needs my help, but she always makes sure I see it before we mail it, to correct any misspelled words and such. This year however, she said I was not allowed to see it because it was personal. I was more curious than ever…and since, well, I am Santa, I didn’t put up a fight and said that I’d mail it without reading.

As I’m planning my trip to the Elves’ Shop, I had to open the letter and to my surprise I found thank you notes to the elves, to the reindeer, and a long letter to Santa. She asked for things I knew she already wanted, but when I got to the last bullet point I couldn’t hold back my tears:
“Please bring my mom some help so she can be happy. Please give her hope. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m growing up now and I see how much she does. Thanks Santa for your hard work.”

People say that children born to teen parents don’t succeed; they lack many things, they say. When I saw the letter, with perfect grammar and such kindness and politeness I wished I could show the world the child I’m raising. The daughter of a teen parent acknowledges my hard work, she is grateful for what we have, for other people’s kindness (in this case the elves and the reindeer) and of course, she doesn’t just think of herself, but also of me. I’ll do anything for my children, and I’m not going to lie, life is hard but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a smile on my face for them. I’m so proud of her gesture; she’s doing what I do for her – she’s making sure I’m always happy, just I make sure she is as long as I can.

This will be a very Merry Christmas for us, especially because I just received the best present I could have gotten: the sincere gratitude of my children.

I wish you and YOUR families a very happy Holiday Season!


That is the most amazing feeling! To know you've not only changed the odds but also raised awesome kids is heartwarming. You're an awesome mom. Reading the part about your daughter asking you for help to be happy made me tear up. I can see my daughter doing the same. Thanks so much for sharing this. I needed it. :)

Girls truly are amazing! :) Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful little girl as well!

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