Support Means Everything – Just Ask Justin Bieber

As a 26-year-old woman with no interest in any Justin Bieber music, I was surprised to find myself crying while watching his movie, Never Say Never. It was available to watch instantly on Netflix and I remembered reading that his mom was a young mother (she had him at 18) so I figured why not check it out.

I didn’t expect how much his story would move me. I saw a little boy, who may have been unplanned or mistimed but ultimately was so loved by his family that he was able to accomplish great things. Yes, he may have had some raw talent, but it was his family’s love and support that got him on that stage at Madison Square Garden.

His mother noticed early on that Justin had an interest in all things musical and nurtured that gift by allowing him to hang out with her musician friends and getting him drum kits to practice. When he asked to take his guitar and go sing in front of the local theatre, she supported him. He entered into singing competitions. She was there.

His grandparents jumped in and loved that little boy fiercely since his birth. The bond that Justin has with his grandparents reminds me of the bond my kids have with theirs. It’s a nice little reminder that I’m not just getting a break from the kids when they go see their Nana and Pop, but they’re getting a chance to have more love and support poured into them.

This is the kind of story that young parents need to see. We already know that our children can grow up and become superstars of any kind – political, athletic, culinary, artistic, whatever. We can support them no matter their gift and you want to know the best thing? Support is free. Telling our kids, “Yes, I believe in you and you can accomplish great things” costs you nothing more than the air to breathe it.

The movie also reminded me that this is a journey. Ultimately, we don’t know how Justin’s story will end, but I’m pretty sure his mom and dad and grandparents are proud of the job they’ve done with this young man. 


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