Successful, Smart, Outgoing BABY raising a playful, cute, active BABY

I went to a Paul Mitchell cosmetology school, I maintained 99% attendance and completed the honors program. I am now cosmetologist working at an up-scale salon and spa. I have my own car, I took my daughter to Minneapolis last week for a mother-daughter shopping trip, and Lillian just got potty trained. I have a cute apartment, decorated tastefully, and am not receiving any government assistance to pay the rent. I volunteered at the local suicide prevention campaign, I just taught my daughter her ABCs and the last time I went to Starbucks I paid for the stranger in the car behind me as well, just to be nice and give back. I have also decided to go back to school in January at the local college to get my degree in Business Management so I can one day open my own salon and spa. I cook, I clean, I pay bills, I drive, I take my daughter to dance class and swimming lessons, I finger paint with her, I rock her to sleep, I make her breakfast. I make time for myself to read and paint and have a relaxing spa day. I also maintain a social life with my friends, and I even manage to go out on the occasional date. 

How old am I? I am 19 and my daughter is 2 1/2. I am certainly not a baby: I am a young, successful, hard working woman who is accomplishing her dreams and breaking teen mom stereotypes every single day… Since you insist on labeling me a “baby raising a baby,” I will let you because it’s just proving no matter what a mothers age is she is capable of doing amazing things. So I will continue being a “baby” and accomplishing my dreams and being successful and you can continue being ignorant.


I think tha6t this is a life changing thing and that the way that you are taking this is amazing also. It is so cool that you can, as a teenager, take care of a kid that is yours. You are brave, and I hope that everything stays the same, with being good.

You are one in a million. There aren't many young mums who are so focused and accept the challenges facing them that motherhood, alongside having a job, brings. We all hear the <a href="">cute quotes</a> about babies but unfortunately there are unfavorable quotes and sayings about young mums. Please don't feel its personal to you. They are generalisations that can be unfair to people like you. I wish you success in everything you accomplish. Keep working hard, your baby will be proud of you.

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