The Pushback Wins an Award

On Wednesday, June 27th, The Pushback received its first award for being a phenomenal blog and platform for young parents. Executive Director, Patricia Quinn, and I were at the event to receive this fabulous award given to us by the Partners for the Empowerment of Young Parents at the STEPS summit for young parents at Northeastern University.

The Pushback has become a community of many young parent advocates and activists who are eager to share their voices and speak on the truths of being a young parent. For far too long, we have let others dictate our success and narrate our stories but it is NOW that we have stood up to push back on the myths.

I want to thank the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy for creating this blog, Gretchen Sisson for helping build this community, and the strong and articulate contributors for sharing their stories and making this a success. Thank you for helping me find my voice. And thank you to the Partners for the Empowerment of Young Parents for listening and recognizing our movement.


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