Please be patient....

At 17, my baby was born - I looked about 12, I‘d left college, I had no money, my relationship was rubbish and my parents hardly spoke to me…“just wait” I thought “you’ll see…”

At 19, I was back home in my old bedroom, sharing a bunk bed with my 2 year old…. “I’ll show you” I thought “one day, you’ll see…”

At 23, I was working doing admin, 9-2, in what was possibly the most uninspiring job ever….“a bit more time…. I’ll show you - I promise”

At 24, I lived in a little house on a messy street with second hand furniture and wood-chip on the walls….”nearly there now…..just hold on a bit longer”

At 28, I finally had all the qualifications, the job, the house, the lifestyle that I’d been aiming for. I was finally ready to show everyone that being a teenage mum hadn’t ruined my life….that I could still do all the things you thought I couldn’t. “See” I boasted “I told you so”…..

But no one was watching anymore.

Then I looked back and realised that those last ten years had actually been the happiest of my life, and even though, during that time, I hadn’t yet got anything to show for my belief that things would be ok - what I did have was so much more…right from day one.

Next time a teenage mother tells your her dreams, that she’s gonna do all sorts of unimaginable things, just believe her - and be patient…..


This was incredible. You're right. I think so often teen mothers' dreams are disregarded and it's so much easier to just believe that they've (us) have throw a life away. But there's so much potential, and with support, and most definitely patience, you can see that young mother bloom into an incredible woman....who can say "i told you so"

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