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Even though some people may gasp in shock when I tell them I gave birth to my daughter at 19, it’s not something that I am ashamed or embarrassed about. Anymore. There was a time when I doubted myself and capabilities to be able to provide for another life. A child who depends on me for absolutely everything. How could I raise a child as a child myself? But, as the saying goes, you live and you learn. And I have learned so much about life and myself since giving birth to my beautiful daughter 5 years ago.

I’ve chosen not to hide behind the fact that I am a former teen mom, and actually want to do the exact opposite. I want to share my story with others. I want to share my challenges, my struggles, my tears, my joys, as a means to shed light on teen pregnancy, but also to let others know that our circumstances do not have to define us. We can continue to achieve and succeed as long as we stay focused and dedicated.

When fellow blogger, Natasha Vianna asked me if I wanted to team up with her to tape an episode for Parenting in Action (PIA) on Boston’s local BNN network, I immediately knew that I wanted to participate! PIA is a new TV show geared towards parents and families with children up to the age of 5. PIA answers viewer’s questions on various family related issues and also provides valuable resources within the Boston area.

Natasha and I had the privilege of taping a two part series talking about our experiences parenting young. Natasha and I are similar in many ways: former teen parents, parents of daughters who are 5, and passionate bloggers, but our stories are so different. We were able to bring two very different perspectives with us to the show. We shared how parenting young did pose its challenges, and it is still a juggling act, but it’s possible. We answered questions ranging from child support, education, future aspirations, to how much sleep we get. I’m jealous of Natasha who seems to get about 5-6 hours a night, while my sleep is constantly interrupted due to sleep apnea.
It was so exhilarating being able to share my story and gave me new strength to continue pursuing my dreams and goals.

You can watch our episodes at the following times on BNN (Comcast: Ch 9 & RCN: Ch 15). Unfortunately you can only watch the episodes if you live in Boston, as it’s a Boston cable channel. To our friends outside the Boston area, the episodes will be live to watch on the PIA website within a week of their initial air date!

Parenting Young - Episode 1                            Parenting Young - Episode 2 
8pm – Thursday Feb 3rd [English]                        8pm – Thursday Feb 17th [English]
9am – Saturday Feb 5th [English]                          9am – Saturday Feb 19th [English]
8pm – Thursday Feb 10th [Spanish]
9am – Saturday Feb 12th [Spanish

Big thank you to everyone at BNN for welcoming both Natasha in with welcome arms!  To find out more about Parenting in Action visit their website.

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