No Regrets

Hi! My name is Ciara Mejia and I am 18 years old. I became a young parent at the age of 16 while being a junior at Norwood High School. My son was born the summer when my junior year ended and my summer of 2012 consisted of being a new teen parent. Since I was on vacation it wasn’t as much as a hassle as when senior year began in September.

Balancing school and taking care of a 3 month old baby was very tough. When I graduated in May, I realized I an very capable of proceeding in life as long as I put my head to it, not only that but there would be much more challenges coming my way.

My son's name is Jayden and he is a very intelligent healthy 18 months old. I am very grateful for my son, he has not ended my life but changed my future and I cannot see myself without him. Being young and a parent is hard to balance at times, but it is always okay to have time away from your kids. Its not being selfish, but it is important to keep yourself mentally healthy to be an excellent provider for your kid.

I am currently employed with Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a Young Parent Ambassador and recently joined The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy as a Young Parent Policy Fellow. I cannot emphasize enough the fact how much support these organizations have granted for me and helped me succeed in teen parenting.

Overall being a teen parent isn’t the only thing about me that is important. I am glad to say that I am 100% Latina, Dominican and Puerto Rican and I speak Spanish fluently. Being bilingual is a very awesome thing and now my son is learning both languages as well. I grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved back to Massachusetts right before high school.

Since we are now in 2014 I would love to say Happy New Year to all. 2013 was a very stressful and tough year. Now that the New Year is in, I strive for it to be a good one, considering it will be my second year parenting! I have set several goals for myself. One of them is to definitely get my son into daycare. It doesn’t seem like a big thing but there’s only so much other people can do that its great to not have to depend a lot on others for childcare.

I also want to obtain my driver’s license and hopefully get a car. I am only 18 so I wouldn’t look for anything too fancy. As long as it gets my son and me where we have to go. Most importantly I want to begin school on a set schedule and make it my first priority. This fall I enrolled in BHCC and attended the first couple weeks. I soon realized it was too much to handle at the moment so I stopped going. Education is very important and I know I am capable of getting through it as a young parent! It will be a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end. My field of interest is in Business, but I also have a passion for Public Health. At this point, I remain undecided.

Parents experience a type of love no one else experiences, and I am certainly lucky to have experienced it at the age of 16. No regrets.

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