No Excuses

When I first found out I was pregnant I thStopMaingExcusesought my life as I knew it was over. I thought my plans of going to a four-year college were gone. I didn’t even think I would be able to go to a two-year college. I knew nothing about being a mother I had never even changed a baby’s diaper before. All of that changed the moment I gave birth to my daughter. They put her in my arms and it was like everything just clicked. I knew exactly what to do. Sure it took me a few weeks to get the hang of things, but I managed. I still was unsure of school and couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter while I worked or went to school. I then found lots of community resources that would help me reach my goals and dreams. I enrolled in a two-year college and will be graduating in May. I will then go onto a four-year college to receive my bachelors and masters degrees. I work part time and do an internship for school part time. I am currently in school full time. And on top of that I gave birth to a chronically ill child who was a product of a severely abusive relationship.

But recently I have realized how much teen parents complain that they can’t do anything. They can’t work, can’t go to school and can barely function. It seems as though they have an excuse for everything. I’m not saying it’s not hard to manage but these days there are more than enough resources for teen parents to seek help with anything they may need. It takes work but if the determination and dedication are there then dreams are possible. I find myself getting mad at this and I get extremely annoyed when I hear teen parents say those things. I wonder if their kids aren’t determination enough to get off their butts and do something with their lives. There are so many people in this state that are working extremely hard to fight for teen parent programs and convince everybody at the state house to think of them when doing their budget cuts. People dedicate their lives to do that for a job and it seems as though some parents are ungrateful for this. I fully understand that teen parents are sometimes reluctant to ask for help and may not even know the type of help that is available but if they asked or looked they could find what they need. The bottom line is just because you can’t do everything that’s not excuse for not doing anything!

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