Mama's Day: What makes my family strong?

This post is part of the Strong Families Mama’s Day celebration. We asked our bloggers to talk about what makes their family strong.

What makes my family strong?

Me. Finally recognizing my value and what I bring to my family helps make us, as a unit, so incredibly strong.

Let me explain.

When I was just starting out as a mother, I didn’t quite understand the role. I was terrified because everything just seemed so hard and as a young mother in particular, it seems like people were waiting for me to fail. 

Raising a human is a daunting task for sure, but I let that fear propel me for a number of years. Every time my kids cried I was right there before the tear hit their cheek. They needed food? I’m heading to the store. They fell down? I’ve got the Band-Aids right here. I put myself second for so long. I could find myself worn out from the daily grind of motherhood but I refused to stop and take inventory of my needs, of how far down the list I had allowed myself to fall.

I realized then that my family was slipping, even though I thought I was giving them everything I had. I was trying to keep too many balls in the air and they kept dropping. So I made some changes. I began getting up before my kids so I could start the day with a fresh mind. I would put them to bed a half-hour early during particularly crazy weeks. I began taking one-on-one dates with my kids, to ensure that I could see them as individuals. It wasn’t until I began to prioritize and put my needs a little higher on the list that I would have characterized my family as “strong.”

Tara Jefferson is a hardworking mom of two and blogger at She’s also the author of Make It Happen, a career guide for young mothers. 


Fantastic!!! This is truly a brilliant post. My mother makes my family strong and very soon I will make my family happy and strong. This post is really nice. Thank you so much.

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