Mama's Day: My Strong Family

This post is part of the Strong Families Mama’s Day celebration. We asked our bloggers to talk about what makes their family strong.

Love, hard work, and laughter are my ingredients for my strong family.

One of my favorite quotes is “Do all things with love.” Don’t act out of hate, don’t speak out of anger, and never treat someone in a way you would not want to be treated. My daughter and I follow those rules daily and go out of our way to spread out unconditional love with others too. Its important to me that my daughter knows the power of love and knows I love her unconditionally and isn’t afraid to express her unconditional love to others either.

Second, with hard work anything is possible, including having a happy, healthy, loving family. With a little dedication, commitment, and unconditional love my family has blossomed. Lastly, and most importantly laugh it off. My daughter and I find ourselves laughing at each other through out the day; telling jokes, watching funny dog videos on you tube, or having tickle fights. Laughter is an important part of lives and keeps our family light hearted, easy going, and fun!

Jessica is 20 years old, and her beautiful daughter Lillian will be three in June. She lives in Mandan, North Dakota. She currently works as a cosmetologist while going to college fulltime. She’s pursuing a degree in Psychology, and hopes to become a counselor who works with single mothers and young families. She hopes to inspire and motivate other young parents to pursue an educational degree, and knows that if they put their mind to something and are passionate; they can achieve anything. 


I also agree that all things are possible with hard work. I am often surprised at those who assume things will happen without putting in the effort. Hard work pays off. You have to continue to shape the life you want for yourself and your family!

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