It May Be Hard

It may be hard but not impossible!”

Dear Young Parent,

Back when I was 16 and first found out I was pregnant this is the quote my cousin, who was a teen parent, told me to get me through. This quote helped me when I was scared, when I didn’t know what to do, or when I felt like giving up, and still does to this day. Whenever times get tough I always keep this quote in mind and it makes me want to keep pushing and to not give up. And today I am giving you this letter to tell you that yes things are going to be hard. But with hard work and dedication you can get through it; it’s not impossible! And I know that for a fact, because I went from being 16, jobless, in school, homeless, depressed, and struggling to 20 years old with 3 jobs, my own apartment and car, starting college, and happy with who I am today and where I am headed!

Best Wishes,

Jasmin Colon

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