I'm Not a Statistic, I Was a Teen Mom

Don’t make me a statistic just because I was a teen mom. Yes I was pregnant at fifteen, and delivered my daughter at sixteen, but I nor my loved ones think of me as anything but Courtney, a twenty three year old who is a loving mother to a seven year old girl named Brianne.

The world we live in sadly downgrades and make names for us who have become teen parents, and make us feel horrible for parenting at such a young age, but I along with many other teen parents don’t fall under the categories that our society tries to put us under. I as well as other teen parents I know have achieved many goals that we set for ourselves in hopes to make the best lives possible for our children.

Although being a teen mom was challenging at some times, I never once regretted becoming a teen parent and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I attending a two year program at Dean College for Criminal Justice, but switched to become a Medical Assistant, and I now work for a orthopedic surgeon. I bought a house at the age of twenty one with my high school sweetheart and father of my child, and plan on going back to school to receive my RN degree.

My daughter, now seven, is just as perfect as I could have hoped for. As far as I’m concerned, her father and myself have done an amazing job raising her for the past seven years and plan for stick by her side till the end. I was a teen mom, and I embraced it, never felt regret and never gave up, so don’t make me a statistic.


Brianne is lucky to have a mom as wonderful as you! She's the most stylish seven year old I know! xoxo Bonnie

Having known you since we were infants- you are nothing short of a incredible role model for Bri! I am so proud of how well you and Patrick have raised Bri. I will never forget the day Dyl and Brianne sat next to each other in the backseat of my car and had this conversation; Dyl: I'm going to college like my mommy. Bri: ME TOO! my mom goes to college, too! The pride our children have for us speaks for itself- we ARE great parents because we are being the examples we want our child to be when they grow up. I love you and will forever be there to support and encourage you guys! KEEP BLOGGING!

This is an amazing blog. You are one of the most amazing parents I have ever met. Brianne has and always will have a great life. She is also the smartest seven year old I know!

I keep getting e-mails for you! Same name, but I live in western Pennsylvania. I've tried to respond to most of them letting them know they've got the wrong gmail address. Most of them are related to the medical field. Hope they've contacted you!

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