I Am Thankful For….

I can never say “thank you” enough to all the people who are continuously making a difference in my life – and more importantly - in the lives of my children. My journey from teen parenthood, transitioning into adulthood, has not been easy. As the chronic optimist that I am, I have to say that things could’ve been a lot worse and I am so thankful that there are so many people who care enough to help young families like mine. This year, I am especially thankful for:

  • The Pushback.org. Thanks to this amazing blog I’ve met other young parents who inspire me to continue to work and be involved in the development of programs that make a difference for us. It was also thanks to this blog that I was able to share my story for the National Women’s Law Center Title IX piece. And more than anything, I’m thankful for the opportunity to voice my opinion and share my experiences to help others.
  • Social Media. Without Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we wouldn’t be able to stay connected. Thanks to all these platforms, I’ve been able to meet even more young parents, professionals, and organizations who care about the issues and are making a difference.
  • Youth-serving organizations and professionals. Organizations such as Massachusetts Alliance, National Crittenton Foundation, and Steps Boston who are empowering young parents and promoting advocacy campaigns. What would we do without you?
  • My children. My son turns nine years old this week, and without him life wouldn’t be what it is now. My daughter keeps me on my feet and has become my number one cheerleader; these children are my angels and without them life would be so boring.

I’ve always heard that you must learn to appreciate what you have and be happy with it. I don’t waste my time thinking what life would be like if I had more – I always think what life would be like if I didn’t have all this help. This Thanksgiving, I’m more thankful than ever. Thank YOU for reading the blog, thank YOU for your support, and thank YOU for believing in young parents. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


I remember being the quiet, shy, isolated, and depressed teen mom not too long ago. Being able to connect with other former teen parents, like you, has really helped me get through some rough times. I appreciate you and your dedication to the young parent community. Glad we connected! :)

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