Gloria Answers Your Questions


1. Which organizations and agencies have offered great young parent support groups and what did those groups look like? Were you offered anything? What made you go? What made you stay?

I have found that smaller local organizations are great. You get more personalized attention and a greater sense of belonging. That is not to say that large organizations are not as good or offer the same environment.

Having a sound contact person makes a HUGE difference! They will and can make you go, stay and want to help the organization as a whole. 

2. What’s your bigger frustration when seeking support from representative of an agency or organization? 

3. What was your best/worst experience with someone who was supposed to be your support person? (guidance counselor, DTA case worker, doctor, etc) 

For both the above questions. Do not perscribe a solution for me without ever talking to me or knowing my story. Everyone has a different life and umbrella solutions do not work! Inconsistantcy is also something that makes for a negative experience. 

A good experience is when a person gets to know me, encourages me and inspires me by helping me realize my potential. Knowing that I have people who believe in me with out pressuring me to live up to their expectations of me always makes for a great experience. 

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