A Frugal Christmas is NOT a Bad Christmas

The holiday season is upon us. Maybe it’s the fact that this semester has felt extra treacherous or what but I haven’t purchased one present to date. I’ve thought about when I should go gift shopping but then remembered what happened two years ago.

I went shopping for my family and ended up returning ever last gift. They felt like gifts I would give to a new coworker I barely knew and not my sisters that have made me into the person I am today. 

After returning all those gifts I did something different, I purchased things from Michaels craft store. Then Leilani and I made Popsicle picture frames and small coin pouches for everyone. We made them together chose which colors each person would enjoy the most and sewed the button onto our pouches. 

We were proud of our gifts and we got to spend quality time together while making them.
Last year, we did something even better we made craft books out of art Leilani made throughout the year. We customized the cover for everyone, selected which piece of art each person would like and gifted them in Green cloth bags. It was great! 

Some people even cried! 

You know you have a good gift when you make someone cry tears of joy!

This type of gift giving has carried over into how I gift Leilani things. I only want to gift her and receive gifts that are practical. That means no dolls, no Barbies- because she won’t play with them- no fake make up or real make up, nothing of that nature. Instead puzzles, coloring books, arts and crafts supplies and books are always on our wish list. 

As young parents we usually have smaller budgets to work with for the Holidays. These are some things I have learned to help the Holiday season stress:

• I’ve learned to not feel guilty if family purchases most of the gifts for your child.

• I have also learned that using the holidays to get essentials that your child may need is a good strategy to alleviate some of the financial aspects of buying these things all by yourself. 

• Don’t feel bad for not being able to gift the most expensive or extravagant gift to your family.

• Use the holidays to get creative make a gift that will be hung on the tree year after year or the book of photos to be enjoyed for years after it’s given.

• Pictures of your child go a LONG way. We see our children every day we see their art everyday however, our families don’t experience that in the same way we do. Make them a gift that combines these two things. That will mean more to them that a $10 scarf. I PROMISE!


I like the idea of making gifts for your family! I can totally relate to the benefits of making them with your child. It's a win-win for everyone! Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

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