Candie's: Using Celebrities to Send Mixed Messages

It’s disturbing to see The Candie’s Foundation’s advertisements for “teen pregnancy prevention.” Aside from using inaccurate messages in their ads, Candie’s has been known for hiring popular musicians to endorse their campaigns in hopes of catching the attention of teens. However, these influential celebrities are both endorsing a campaign promoting abstinence while their lyrics and actions promote very different messages.

Ciara, a recent face on Candie’s campaigns, sings “he love the way I ride it, like a mother f-ing freak…” while she humps the floor.

Another musician, Lil Kim, sings “Lil Kim not a whore, but I sex a ****** so good, he got to tell his boys. When it comes to sex don’t test my skills, cause my head game had you head over heals.., have him pay my bills…I’m in the crib giving ******’s deep throat.”

A third musician, Fergie, sings “They want my treasure so they get their pleasure from my photo.”

The most interesting person to show up on their ads is Bristol Palin. I’m at a loss for words with her campaign. Bristol, you should NOT be shaming teen parents. You ARE a teen parent facing the same judgment from society… you are one of us. I’m sure Bristol knows how horrible it feels to be stigmatized, yet she perpetuates the stigma by labeling herself as the exception. How disappointing.

These are the people Candie’s chooses to support teen pregnancy prevention? What an oxymoron. Candie’s, your ads shame teen parents and portray them as foolish people. Maybe you should think again about who you want to “represent” your campaign and ensure their own messages to teens don’t conflict with your messages… Just saying.

Lauren Singer is a Young Parent Policy Fellow at the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. 


So crazy when you look at the whole picture. Glad you captured it so well in this post. Proud of you Lauren!

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