Both Ends of the Spectrum

What this image means to me is basically everything far and inbetween myself and being unable to meet all the requirments of being two parents at once. It conveys my feelings of loss of my co-parent mentally, and the confusion I feel between not being able to give my son both ends of the spectrum because of his father’s vacancy. 

The typewriter was a gift from my son’s father. The cards and things in the mirror, all pictures of my sons, business cards from people for work, and little knick-knacks my son and I gathered together. I know this doesn’t exactly make a hell of a lot of sense right now, but as more images are released I will send more explinations. I did a documentary with this man as well I will share with the group. I didn’t really know how to confront a real explanation, so I did it in my own little morbid self-expressive way I suppose.


By looking at this piece of art, I can see exactly how you feel and directly relate. Being a single mom is tough and we often feel like we have to fill the role of both parents. It's not fair. There are just some things we cannot do for our kids but we know that doesn't stop us from trying.

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