Be Your Child's Friend: A Young Mom's Dedication to Her Children

I often hear people say that you can’t be your child’s friend. I know that it’s not true because my mother is my best friend. My mother was a very young teen mom and because of it she became a very wise. 

Growing up my mom always told me stories about her life. She told me about the good, the bad, and the ugly; because of this I was able to learn from her mistakes and use her strengths to get ahead. She was open with me so I was able to be open with her even when I found myself pregnant at seventeen. 

I was able to go to my mom for advice during my teenage years when my friends were scared to talk to their parents. My mother always had an open door policy; I could talk to her about anything without fear. My mom taught me problem solving skills by sharing stories of overcoming problems. I feel lucky to have such a close relationship with my mom I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

Now that I have two little girls of my own I use a mixture of my mom’s approach and my own approach. My daughters enjoy hearing my stories and life lessons. My children take advantage of my open door policy; they know that no question is a stupid question they know that it is my mission to teach them through my experience; they know I will always speak from the heart; they know I will all ways be there to support them.

My 5 year old daughter’s often states that she is happy that I’m her mom after she have asked me lots of questions in sequence and then finds that she has no more questions left to ask. My 8 year old often surprises me with tuff questions but I take the time to answer every one. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Now I get to play the role mentor;

Mom + Friend= Mentor

Teach Your Children Life Skills

Mentor Your Children

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