About the PushBack

Welcome to The PushBack! This blog is a space for young parents, and those who work with and for them, to tell the real stories of what their lives look like.

We live in a culture that constantly tells teen parents that they’re irresponsible and undeserving; that they won’t be able to finish school or get a job to support their families; that their children will be poor, or behind in school, or teen parents themselves. We know the stereotypes and prejudices that teen parents have to face — but we also know the truth. We know that teen parents can be capable caregivers and fabulous role models for their children. We know that, with support, they can achieve academically and professionally. We know young families can be successful.

We also know that young parents stories are often told from different perspectives, not in their own voices, and edited to fit an agenda. This platform is a space for young parents to write as experts on their experiences and we do not edit or change their words. Young parents’ stories are often being edited and reframed so we did dedicate ourselves to ensuring their voices are always elevated and respected. 

This space is to push back against all that ignorance, bitterness, and prejudice and show what young parenthood really looks like.

This blog is a project of the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. Occasionally, some content will focus on Massachsusetts-specific policies and events.  However, we believe our messages are universal; stereotypes about young parents know few geographic limitations.  We have bloggers from all over the United States and a few from other countries.  This is a movement that extends far beyond the borders of our Commonwealth - so spread the word far and wide!

If you are looking for information or resources for young families, please visit the Resources for Young People section of our website.